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College of Liberal and Fine Arts

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Christopher Hajek, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Communication

Phone: (210) 458-7731
Office: MB 2.248S

Research area: Intercultural Communication, Intergroup Communication

  • Biography

    Dr. Christopher Hajek completed his B.A. in Communication at Loyola University of Chicago, his M.A. in Communication at the University of Hawaii, and his Ph.D. in Communication at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His research is grounded in intergroup communication, with foci at the intersections of health, aging, and social stigma. His work has also explored relationships between group identity and police/community interaction outcomes. His teaching interests in intergroup and intercultural communication developed during his work as an intern for CNN and The Associated Press in Rome, and his Peace Corps experience in Rwanda preceding that country’s genocide. His teaching has also been influenced by his experience as a trained mediator in community-based alternative dispute resolution.

    Dr. Hajek has published peer-reviewed articles in several journals, including the Journal of Communication, the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Language and Communication, Communication Research Reports, Psychological Reports, Journal of Russian Communication, and the Journal of Language and Social Psychology. Dr. Hajek has also co-authored several invited book chapters. Prior to joining the faculty at UTSA, Dr. Hajek taught courses at The University of California, Los Angeles; the University of California, Santa Barbara; The University of Hawaii; and the Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago.


    • Ph.D. in Communication, University of California, Santa Barbara (2003)
    • M.A. in Communication, University of Hawaii, Manoa (1995)
    • B.A. in Communication, Loyola University of Chicago (1990)
  • Recent Courses

    • Communication Theory
    • Intercultural Communication
    • Research Methods
  • Research in Progress

    • Giles, H., Hajek, C., Stoitsova, T., & Choi, C. Intergenerational Communication Satisfaction and Age Boundaries in Mongolia and the United States.
    • Hajek, C. (in design and scale testing). Test of a theoretical model of "hypochondriacal" self-categorization and identity formation, health information management: Psychological and intergroup communicative outcomes.
    • Hajek, C., Barker, V., & Giles, H. (in data collection). Perceived Trust and Compliance in Police-Civilian Encounters in Among South Texas and Southern Californian Hispanic and Anglo Populations.
  • Recent Publications

    • Choi, C., Khajavy, G. H., Giles, H., & Hajek, C. (2013). "Intergenerational Communication and Age Boundaries in Mongolia and the United States." Communication Reports, 26, 73-87.
    • Moskowitz, D. A., Turrubiates, J., Lozano, H., & Hajek, C. (2013). "Physical, behavioral, and psychological traits of gay men identifying as bears." Archives of Sexual Behavior, 42, 775-784.
    • Choi, C., Giles, H., & Hajek, C. (2012). "Young adults’ perceptions of intergenerational communication: Mongolian and American data." Anthropology & Aging Quarterly, 33, 74-86.
    • Villagran, M., Hajek, C., Zhao, X., Peterson, E., & Wittenberg-Lyles, E. (2012). "Communication and culture: Predictors of treatment adherence among Mexican immigrant patients." Journal of Health Psychology, 17, 443-452.